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About Eastern University Digital Library

Eastern University Library has taken an initiative to build a rich digital library with Greenstone Digital Library Software by the EU library professionals with the help of Digital Library Network in South Asia (DLNetSA). Greenstone Digital Library Software (GSDL) has been taken in consideration due to some unique features of this software. A group of ICT skilled library professionals are still working on it. We are trying to make our library resourceful and diversified even for the layman to the Internet world. Now, our digital library is self explanatory and easy to use for users and also for GSDL network members in Bangladesh.

How to use EU digital library

Users can easily access any collection clicking on a collection of our digital library home page. Then there will appear two options to find out the required documents from the library. One is browsing that is easier for the new user. User should click on the browse then year then semester, subject, title, author etc to get list of our documents. Moreover to see all resources of a particular collection user should click on title. Second option is searching with different keyword. Putting any keyword in the search box and specifying the keyword type from search menu, users can get required information by pressing enter button or clicking on search button. User can also use advanced searching option by specifying search terms. Some of the documents of our collection can also be search-able through EU Library Catalogue (OPAC). In this case simply click on the link to get access to those documents. It will also take you to our digital library.

Bengali Interface

If you don't feel comfort with English interface of this digital library simply click on preference button and select language from the list and you will get Bengali interface in the digital library.

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